December 27, 2011

Overactive Bladder Syndrome


Have you heard about the syndrome of "overactive bladder"? Overactive bladder actually is a condition where the bladder contracts whilst it is filling. *kekadang dalam masa lima minit korang berulang alik ke toilet. This is actually a common problem that affect women, man and children. So I did some research on active bladder because wanted to know about its symptoms, how to cure it and want to know why it happens?

These overactive bladder contractions are usually spontaneous and cannot be suppressed . For those with this syndrome mostly do not want to seek for medical help because of the embarrassment and believe that it is natural consequence due to ageing.

There are some symptom due to this syndrome such as FREQUENCY, where people with this syndrome need to urinate many times throughout day and night. People with this syndrome also came with the symptom of URGENCY because the sensation of having to urinate immediately. Lastly is URGE INCONTINENCE, where the sudden leakage of urine from the bladder.

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Overactive bladder typically are caused by spams of the muscles of the bladder, resulting in an urge to urinate. It is a problem that related to nerves and muscles of the bladder. "Detrusor" actually is the one major nerve or muscle in our bladder. Its contraction in response to filling of the bladder by urine is one the steps in the normal process of urination. The contraction and relaxation of the detrusor muscle is regulated by the nervous system. Voluntary control of the sphincter muscle at the opening of the bladder can hold the urine in the bladder for longer. Normally, our bladder can hold up to 600 cc 0f urine.

If you did found out yourself withe these symptom, I'll advice you to get for doctor's advice. It is abnormal for you to keep going in and out toilet and having "bladder cleaning" five times in five minutes. Hehe. However, here one of remedy that I can share with you. Take a handful of pumpkin seeds and put it in a jar with hot water. Let it steep for a while and strain it. Drink the water until you feel the relief. Good Luck!!

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