May 8, 2011

Queen of My Heart

She always there whenever I need someone to talk, gossips, cry, accompanied me for shopping, holiday, laugh and almost anything. She is my best friend since I was infant. Always did her best for me. Accompany me at night before sleep because I am afraid to sleep alone. Mum is the best. Never failed to be there for me.

flashback when I'm 2 or 3 something.

flashback when on Abg Elys's Birthday.

flashback when Mum and Abah on Holiday.

Sweet couple :)

She is my best friend, my chef, my teacher of life, my 'bank', my soul, my life and my happiness won't complete without her smile. She means everything to me. I'm so sorry because I never called you properly and constantly as Mum. Sometimes I called you Mak, Mamak, Ibu, Ummi, Mama, you. hehe. Because I used to changed it whenever my mood told me to do so. So evil -_-".

But only one thing I want you to know that I love you till the end of my life. No one can replace you Mum. You are the queen of my heart. Ala-ala Queen Elizabeth. Happy Mother's Day!!


Abdul Muiz said...

gmbar sheril masa kecik len gile...
mesti kecik2 dah nakal...haha

bana said... cite oden ske...he3

Sheril Azni Aida said...

muiz: ak baik ah dlu..xcye tnye mak ak.hahaha