May 16, 2011

10 Things: Men Look Attractive To Women

Lately people named 'BOYS' always asked about how can they attract women they adore. Some of my colleagues also asked what type of men that women will attract to? So these are 10 ways that men that can make women attracted to them. By the way, this entry also for you Abdul Muiz. Haha! You were once asked me and Chot, how to tackle a women. If you asked me what type of men I'll be searching for. I'll answer that I'm looking for Chris Hemsworth.

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OMG!!!! *fainted

So lets hear the "10 things: Men Look Attractive to Women."

1 : A men that never left even one of his prayer.
This is the important thing that women are looking towards men. Basically in women's theory, a men that never forgot his prayer are the men that is matured, smart, can lead her and his family.

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Example: Fahri, "Ayat-Ayat Cinta".

2 : Gentlemen.
A women will find a men that is full with the "gentlemen-ness" (sesuka hati aku jek buat ayat baru). A gentlemen will treat women as his Queen not his slave.

3 : Muscle Bodied.
Not need to be as Malek Nor. It is enough for us if you have six packs :)

4 : Looks Good In Tuxedo.
Perfect body will make a tuxedo looks perfect on him. And make him looks strong and neat :)

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Chris Hemsworth with his brother, Liam Hemsworth.

5 : Nice and Beautiful Eyes
No need colored lens to have nice eyes because colored lens aren't suitable for men. Nice original eyes is better.

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Again Chris Hemsworth!!

6 : Respect Women.
Women feel appreciated when men knows how to respect them. Don't ever use loud voice towards women or else you'll be the blacklists one.

7 : Have Brain.
Handsome, macho, rich won't bring anything if the person doesn't have any brain. Means 'stupid'.

8 : Looks Good Wearing Shades.
Men can be categorized as macho if the shades that they are wearing actually looks good on them.

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Zac Efron

9 : Nice and Neat Hair Cut.
Long hair is acceptable if it is still neat and suits with your face.

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Joe Jonas's hair cut.

10 : Sports Car.
A men will look attractive if he rides a sports car. Not to mention that we are materialistic. But it is just an instinct that telling us that a men with sports car are attractive. Tehee!

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These are just my opinions and my observations. Any mistakes that I've made, so sorry. No heart feeling yaa??


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